Debating and Public speaking

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Getting over your ideas and being able to speak confidently and clearly to influence your target audience or skills that all students need to develop in order to be successful.

There are a range of activities and course you can get involved in to develop these skills:

Debating course - to develop formal skills to form a winning argument in front of an audience.

Debating competition - A formal competition for teams of between 3 and 4 students to compete on current issues to practice public speaking skills

United Nations Model Conference - A compeition to persuade students representing many different nations to pass potentially life changing laws for millions of people modelled on the United Nations Assembly in New York.

Debating Course

This course delivered by udergraduate students who are experts in delivering powerful arguments on a wide range of issues. The course will take you through the formalities of how to run a debate as a team, how to form a motion and how to respond to difficult questions and counter arguments. The course will help you develop confidence in public speaking which will help students in interviews and any environment where persuasion over issues is key.

Here is a small video that gives a flavour of the course:

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