Ethics and Law

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Law affects many areas of our lives including the choices made in deciding who obtains what health care.

Read the presentation below. Then watch the three video clips and decide who should get the health care and who should not out of the three cases. You can only choose the two most deserving. Make a list of the reasons for and against choosing each patient. Then decide who should loose out.



Should Ethel get her eye operation?

Should John get his life saving treatment?

Should Amy get help with having a baby?

What to consider

Look at, how much the person has given to society, how young or older the person is, are there any human rights involved, what is the economic cost of making the decision, are there any social costs, what are the long term benefits and risks, what is a fair way to look at all the cases, should we be judgmental.

Extra reading and materials

Study on issues over health care rationing in the UK.

Expert views and video discussions on healthcare rationing.

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