Extended Project

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Extended project is ideally suited to helping you show universities and potential employers that you have well  developed research and analytical skills in a specialised area of law. This can form the basis of a dicsussion at interview or in a personal statement or CV and is highly recommended for those wishing to go to prestigous universities.

What the Universities say abotu Extended Project and a Law degree

Oxford University

Manchester University

What the newspapers say about whether or not to complete an extended project

The Guardian

The Mail

How to get an A in an extended project

The key to being successful is to research a question using both primary and secondary research and then write an evaluation of your topic. This evaluation must not only include your conclusions fromt he evidence you have gathered but must also comment on any isuses you have not been able to succesfully resolve, any areas of further research that now need to be done and whether the methods you used to answer your quesitons were both effective and effecient.

Extended Project is particulalry about how you reflect, analyse and critique your learning throughout the process. The log you complete is critical to gainign a high grade.

How is your project assessed?

How to make key decisions about your project

How to Annotate your project

Example presentaitons and projects

Example A* 5000 word project. Organdonaarmsonorgandonaarmson.docx

Remember: The project is not just about the 5000 word essay and requires a reflective project log and excellent presentaiton to score well.

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